Can I try for free?

Yes, you can open a FREE Practice Investing Account by simply providing your First Name, Last Name and Email. You will be given $10,000 virtual cash which you can use to get comfortable with investing for as long as you like.



Practice Accounts

They are open 247 but prices only update during normal market hours.

They are available to users risk free, at no cost & for educational purposes only.

They are funded with virtual dollars, not real dollars, which means that a user can neither gain nor lose money.

How to open Live Account?

You can open a Live Investing Account in 2 simple steps:

1) Click on UPGRADE TO LIVE ACCOUNT to complete the Live Investing Account application.

2) Upload each of this:

  • Photo ID (license, passport etc)
  • Document showing your current residential address (license, utility bill etc)

Driver’s license is the best form of ID as it includes both photo ID and your address on it. Other combinations of ID & address documents works fine too.




How does the account works?

Through opening a Live Investing Account with us, you get a US brokerage account which powered by DriveWealth. You can then buy, sell and redeem shares in your own name.

How long for account approval

For Live Investing Account, once you have complete the application & uploaded required documents, your application will be reviewed and verified within 2-3 business days.

Meanwhile, you can start funds in so once your application is approved, you can start investing right away.

Can non-US clients trade?

Yes, you can trade with our Live Investing Account. For non-US clients opening a Live Investing Account there is a small one-time fee for processing of a W-8BEN tax form, which is used to certify that you are not a United States citizen or resident alien. (Non-United States citizens/residents are exempt from United States tax on capital gains and interest, but are subject to United States withholding tax on dividends based on their country of origin). There is a one-time $5.00 processing fee for this certification, which will be debited from your initial deposit.