Deposit & Withdrawal

How to deposit money?

While your account application is under review, you may already start deposit money into your account. Just click on PENDING APPROVAL, choose your desired deposit method to deposit.

If your account is already approved, just click on CASH DEPOSIT.



Payment methods for deposit

To deposit funds into your Live Investing Account, the following methods are available:

  • Linked Bank Account (ACH) - U.S. client Only
  • Charge Cards - We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express
  • Wire Transfer
  • USD Check
  • Western Union
  • Dwolla - U.S. Only
  • TransferWise - For European Currencies
  • China Union Pay
  • Safety Pay - Select Latin American and European countries

Your funds are held with Federated Investors, Inc.


How to withdraw money?

To withdraw money from your Live Investing Account, click on Cash card, select Withdraw Funds tab.